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I hope you continue working on this. I got stuck and can't trigger the ending like the others. It was really fun!


This was fun! The character design and sprites are each distinctly cute. I must mention the final conversation with Kaya: its bad choice is crushing, and I applaud you for it.

Similar to Mousemysak, in my playthroughs I haven't been able to progress past Day 7--the game is at a standstill; much to my disappointment because I really want to know if I got a good ending.

Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback! I put a lot of effort into writing the characters, so I'm happy to hear that Kaya's path had an impact on you!

And yeah, I totally messed up the endings - I overscoped myself on this and am honestly shocked that it's even as complete as it is, haha!
I'm going to keep developing this after the jam to make sure everything is all correct and all the possible endings are there, so look out for that update!


Nice fun subversive game! Only problem is after some of the princes leave if you did all of the minigames you become stuck.

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, my code for handling that edge case is bugged. Just checked it after seeing this comment and realized I messed it up, heh.