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=== Controls ===

IMPORTANT: Don't run the game at 144Hz, run at 60Hz for best experience! The dash logic shortens your dash length without respect to the difference in time, and I forgot to lock the game at 60fps, so the game becomes MUCH harder at higher frame-rates!

NOTE: Dashing grants you invincibility frames for the duration of the dash! Don't know if that's clear enough or not from the gameplay, so just a heads up to make the game a little easier for ya'll!

Control Scheme 1
Movement - Left Arrow, Right Arrow
Jump - Up Arrow
Attack - Spacebar or Z
Dash - Shift or X

Control Scheme 2
Movement - A, D
Jump - W
Attack - J or Left Mouse Button
Dash - K or Right Mouse Button

=== Description ===

Thanks for taking a look at my game! This was made over a period of 10 days for VimJam2, hosted by VimLark and 8 Bits to Infinity! The restriction was to have a boss, and the optional theme was "on the edge"! I hope you enjoy playing it, because I had an absolute BLAST making it.

Huge shoutout to @insandio for doing the voice acting for Isadora, as well as making the music for the game!
Huge shoutout to @extranji for playtesting extensively to help me tweak the balance as well as finding any bugs!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action
TagsBoss battle


Isadoras Edge - A Game by Shovel.exe 93 MB


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Very cool game, and lot's of great artwork, atmosphere and use of colour! Super polished. My only complaint was was controllers, I've never used W or an UP arrow to jump and would much preffer space bar.


Bro, your game is incredible! It took me 3 times, but I managed to beat him!

Thanks so much! Glad you were able to take him down! :D


Such a polished and complicated game! Well done Shovel! So many and awesome pixelart characters! And the SFX and VFX were amazing!
The boss has way more patterns and phases than I expected! Well done for making it scale!


Thank you! :D
I appreciate the feedback! I really went deep on the SFX in particular, so I'm glad they were able to shine through, haha!

Very fun game with awesome art, bunch of polish and great atmosphere. Final boss battle is for sure a highlight which includes a bunch of thought out attack phases. Great work!