WASD - Move
Left Click - Toggle Light
Right Click - Throw Dice
'E' - Interact


(If you're stuck or don't know what to do, here are some details to help you figure out the game.
It's recommended to play without reading these hints to enhance the horror experience, but if you're stuck, this should help you out!
Each hint/spoiler will give more information, so only read them until you feel satisfied that you have enough information to continue playing.)

  • There are 4 keys hidden in the forest, find all 4 and make it to the gate to escape.
  • The creature can only move when you're not looking at him.
  • When you roll the dice, the creature will stop chasing you based on the number you roll. Use these if you've completely lost track of him to protect yourself. They are very powerful tools.
  • There are landmarks throughout the forest that only exist in one spot. For example, there's only one well, and only one group of shovels stuck in the ground. Use these to keep yourself oriented.
  • You start with 3 dice, but you can find more hidden throughout the forest at landmarks.
  • The keys are all located on wooden barrels/chests - if you see wooden barrels or chests, check them for a key.
  • The fence makes you more vulnerable because the creature can track you more easily. The extra sight you get from being on the fence is powerful though. It's a dangerous trade-off, so be extra careful while following along the fence.
  • Key location hints:
    • One Key is in the dead center of the map, near the shovels.
    • One Key is along the fence, where it's broken. This is near the well.
    • One Key is in the corner of the map, near the table with a single chair.
    • One Key is near the exit gate, next to a massive rock. It's near the book.


Hide and Seek WEBGL 97 MB
Hide and Seek DOWNLOADABLE 256 MB


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The lag is unbearable. There is no way to pause the game or get out of full-screen (In downloadable) and the web version for me was having problems being the correct size.

Tried the web version, though your YT video said it's janky. I was able to get enough of the experience in addition to your video to fill in the details. Only got 1 key, but that's okay, the lag (expected) was mainly the culprit I think. Really loved the sound design, you did a phenomenal job with it! Every time I died I got a little jump scare, so that was a treat :) REALLY like the monster's voice, the count down and ready or not line was GREAT!  You should definitely fix up the few things you mentioned in your video, would likely be a hit here on itch! Well done, wonderful creepy experience!